Ford Future Mobility: Intersections

In a 1-month intensive collaboration with Ford Company I reimagined a vast pedestrian-centric city of the future where one can consistently trust in safety at intersections. In collaboration with three Interaction Designers: Jennifer Kim, David Dang and Henry Bacon, I created a vision that allows for joyful and engaging experiences for both pedestrians and commuters. Together we presented one-month long intensive efforts to the CEO of Smart Mobility at Ford Motor Company.


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I spent one hour observing the space and behavior of customers. I took pictures, notes, and videos. I conducted interviews with a student employee, teacher, and a new student. 



1. Research Synthesis




3. Identifying Pain Points and Opportunities

I made the Journey Map of Current and Future State to introduce the emotional experience of customers, journey phases, pain points, and opportunities. I brainstormed the possible solutions, keeping in mind identified opportunities.  


4. Re-designing the experience

Keeping in mind customers' and employees' need for the shower, I re-designed the second floor. I moved the storage next to the stairs and lockers to the corridor. This provided more space for bigger restrooms. Now customers can shower after classes which improves the overall experience of Circus Center.



5. User testing

in progress...