Summerland: Design Artifacts

Secondary Research: Sketchnotes

Given the very short time for research, I searched the web for  information about baby boomers and combined all of it in the sketchnotes form. 

Logo Sketches

One part of branding was making logo sketches. I focused on words like sun, activity, retirement.

Brand Personality

While keeping in mind the core customer, I made a brand personality to identify the character and atmosphere of the brand. 


I made signage for Muni and Bart Spaces. The recipients are people 65 y.o.+ and their children.

App Flow

I made an app for customers who already live in Summerland. They can book activities, take part in events and share pictures with other Summerlanders. 


I created a persona so I could easily imagine and keep in mind who I am designing for. 

Final Logo

The final logo I chose and polished represents the atmosphere of fun and movement.

Mood Board

I made a moodboard to imagine the overall Summerland experience (Interior and exterior, activities, colors, and diverse people)

Site Map

Keeping in mind customers' needs, I made a site map with the core functions of the website.

Style Tile

I created a style tile to make sure that the style of the website is consistent.

Experience Map

I created an experience map to keep in mind the system which the customer will be a part of. 

See interactive InVision Prototypes:

desktop               mobile