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The assignment was to choose one service brief with a description and individually design branding, mobile, and web prototypes. We could choose from music apps, online grocery shopping services, tool sharing services, etc. One of them was Summerland. It's a new retirement community for the baby boom generation based in Livermore, California. Summerland meets the needs of users by providing fun outings, music, and an on- site health care facility. Unlike other communities for aging, Summerland provides a wide range of activities for seniors.

Given the short brief written above, I imagined Summerland and created a website promoting the Summerland community, an app for its members, and signage. I did Research, Persona, Information Architecture, InVision Prototypes, and Branding. I chose Summerland because I saw a big opportunity in developing the experience for retired Baby-Boomers. 

The advisor for the project was Aynne Valencia, Associate Professor and Chair at California College of the Arts.


1. Understanding the Audience - Retired Persons

Before the project started I decided to learn more about the topic. I conducted primary and secondary research and developed a persona to keep in mind the needs of audience.  The most important fact I learned is that Baby Boomers want to stay physically and mentally active and value social connections.



Based on the research insights, I made a site map and an experience map to structure the system and information. First-time website users can learn about the Summerland, it's broad range of activities, sufficient healthcare and flexible housing options, they can also book a tour and have access to relevant external sites.


3. Branding - Establishing Consistency

One of the biggest challenges for me was Branding. I wanted to make the service recognizable by people 65+. I made logo sketches, mood boards, bart signage, and style tiles to make sure that design is consistent and memorable. I created the new Summerland vision, based on potential customers' insights.






signage template


style guide


4. Prototype, User testing, and Iterations - Accessibility and Information

I tested the Invision website prototypes with the audience, gathered insights, and made iterations. The biggest insight was that the font size was not big enough for the eyes of some people age 65+. Website visitors also wanted to see more information related to available apartments and Testimonials, because that would enhance customer's trust, accessibility, and freedom of choice.

See Interactive InVision Prototypes:

desktop               mobile



5. Process Book